5 Ways to Cut Your Winter Energy Bill


Finding different ways to cut down your energy bill during the winter doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it can be quite easy if you follow the five simple “rules” about staying warm during the winter.

  1. Wear Appropriate Clothes at Home – Summer is over, so do not dress like you are going to the beach when you are inside your house during the winter. Ok, maybe dressing up like you are going to the beach is a bit of an overstatement, but there are really some people who wear shorts and t-shirts during the cold winter. If you are not cold, that’s perfectly fine, but if you are turning up your air so you can wear those clothes that is definitely not ok and your wallet will surely suffer as a result.
  2. Ensure You Lock in a Low Price for Gas/Power – If you do not have your gas price locked in, you should definitely consider doing that. While you may lose the ability to switch your rate to a lower one if your company runs some type of deal, you can still shop around and when the time comes either ask your gas or power provider to match the price of another provider to get the lowest price possible. The rates usually reset once every month so you definitely will have an opportunity to stay on top of them and figure out when your provider has the lowest price.
  3. Configure Your A/C – There is no reason for your air conditioner to run while you are sleeping under your warm blanket. There is also no reason for your air conditioner to run while you are at work all day and not actually needing the rooms of your house to be warm. Most of the modern air conditioners today come with thermostat adjusters which allow you to create a schedule for your A/C and decide exactly when you want the A/C to be on and when you want it to be off. By configuring a schedule, you can save a lot of money because your A/C will work only when you want it to work.
  4. Seal Your Doors and Windows – You may have heard of this one before, but during the cold winter, you should really make sure there is no cold weather getting inside your house from the bottom of your front door or any of your windows. Take a thick blanket and seal the small cracks that may be there to make sure there is no cold weather going in. This way you will not need to constantly keep your home warm and your home will stay warmer for a longer period of time.
  5. Buy Energy Star Certified Products – Energy star product as specifically designed to save you money on your energy bill so why not use them? Energy star products are usually more efficient that your current products that you may have in your house, unless your house is brand new and you have brand new products everywhere. You could easily save $30-100 or more by switching that old water heater for a new one, or changing the 12 year old washer. In some cases you may even get a rebate back from your power company and other benefits from your state.

When you save money on your energy bill every month and during the winter months, you not only save money, but also help the environment.

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