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Every year during the holidays, we celebrate life with our families, we welcome the new year and make New Year’s resolutions to help us become better versions of ourselves. Some of the resolutions are personal such as become more social and meet more people, others relate to our health and well-being, such as “get in shape”, “lose xxx amount of excess pounds”. Almost every year there are people in the world that set up goals to lose weight, they start strong and when February or March rolls around, they give up and start making excuses which prevent them from losing weight and getting into the shape they have wanted all their lives.

Many people fail at losing the weight because they are not motivated enough, or maybe because they start to see some results, but then the results disappear and they simply give up. This year instead of giving up divide your New Year’s resolution goal of losing weight into small chunks instead of one big one.

A new study identified exactly how much weight a person needs to lose for others to notice and therefore compliment them on the weight loss. In addition, the study figured out how much weight one needs to lose so they become somewhat attractive to the opposite sex again.

While the study may not have been complete and may not have covered all basis, it does give a general idea that helps motivate people and it will help motivate you as you go on your journey to losing weight. You will no longer need to work your butt off in the gym for nothing, you can set a goal to lose xxx amount of weight in order for people to notice, and based on the compliments you receive once people start noticing you can start losing weight so you become “attractive” again.

The study has identified that an average woman, which the study determined was 5’4″ tall, would need to lose eight (8) pounds for people to notice. For an average man, which the study determined was 5’10” tall, would need to lose slightly higher – nine (9) pounds for people to notice that they have lost weight. Again while those numbers are very subjective, this gives you a general idea of what your first goal should be on the New Year’s resolution list – mainly “Lose 8/9 pounds in order for people to notice”.

The study also determined that women would need to lose fourteen (14) pounds in order for men to start thinking of them in a romantic way and that men would need to lose eighteen (18) pounds in order for women to find them attractive. Basically as a rule of thumb, when you notice that people are giving you compliments about the way you look and tell you that you have lost weight, go ahead and double the weight that you have lost and work towards losing that much. This of course should be your second goal on your New Year’s resolution list.

Here is an Example for a fictional man and woman – Sally and John:

Sally – 5’4″ tall, age 26
Starting Weight: 198 lbs
Weight Sally Starts to Receive Compliments: 190 lbs
Weight Sally Will Look Attractive (according to the study): 184 lbs

John – 5’10” tall, age 26

Starting Weight: 200 lbs
Weight John Starts to Receive Compliments: 191 lbs
Weight John Will Look Attractive (according to the study): 182 lbs

As we can see from the example Sally’s first goal for her New Year’s Resolution would need to be to be 190 lbs, and her second goal should be to get to 184 lbs – not one generic goal, which does not specify how much weight she needs to lose or why she is losing the weight.

You can read more about the study and its findings here. Please feel free to let us know if you liked this article and would like to see more.

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