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December 9, 2012

FREE Artensoft Tilt Shift Generator License

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 Re-create the tilt-shift effects by using your PC – no tilt-shift lens required! Make stunning dioramas by using computer-generated tilt-shift effect. Tilt-Shift Generator helps you reproduce the appearance of a miniature scale model in post processing without restricting yourself to a certain angle at the time of shooting – and without investing in expensive tilt-shift glass.

Tilt-shift photography is a unique style of photo art that makes a life-size object or location look like a miniature model. To achieve this, the camera is equipped with a special tilt-shift lens, allowing photographers to go beyond the limitations of DOF and perspective. Ideally, photos need to be taken from a great height, for example, a bridge, mountain or helicopter, which creates the illusion that the viewer looks at a miniature model.