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November 10, 2012

3 Great Tech & Gadget Gifts Under $50

As you all know Christmas is coming up soon so a lot of people are out currently looking for great "toys" to give as gifts to their loved ones. Many people who visit our site constantly ask me for more and more freebie and deals to be posted on the site. So instead of you walking around retail stores all day long and trying to find the right gift and constantly being bothered by sales associates who try to up sell you all the time and make you buy out the whole store I compiled a list of things that you can purchase off of Amazon and surprise you loved ones or friends with a great gift for under $50.00.

Ideal for joggers, commuters, and other active music listeners, the iPod Touch Delivers on-the go music at a very affordable price. They come in different colors, hold 2 GB of free storage that can hold a lot of good songs and are perfect for little kids who just want to listen to music on the way to school or in their off time. 

The special-edition Roku LT delivers all the streaming entertainment choices, HD video quality, and ease-of-use that Roku has always been known for. It is ideal for anyone who watches TV all the time and does not want to pay for cable TV.

A perfect choice for project studio engineers, home recordists and recording musicians, Audio-Technica's ATH-M30 dynamic stereo headphones offer the highest level of sonic accuracy in a design engineered to provide maximum comfort for hours of listening.

September 3, 2012

Tip of the Week: Save Money The Easy Way

Tip of the Week: On a Sunday usually all the retail stores change their prices, for example if it is a Holiday coming up (i.e. Labor Day, Tax Free holiday) the stores bump up the price of their items to regular price so that people can pay more. If you go on a Sunday and walk around the stores you could find many different places where price tags remained the same and were not changed. Most of the time there is a date on the price tag saying from what date the price is valid and what date the price expires. Just grab the price tag go up to a cashier and price match at a lower price. 

August 26, 2012

Shopping Tip Of The Week

It's the end of the week guys and we decided to add a new rubric to our site called - Shopping Tip of The Week. Basically, what this rubric will do is give you some tips on how to become a smart shopper and save more money by doing that. Stay tuned for more shopping tips, there will be one every week. Also you can subscribe to our Facebook Page, by liking us on the right side or subscribe to our Twitter Page, by following us. 

Tip Of The Week - When purchasing items from retail stores, such as computers, big televisions, appliances and other electronics, always check their website at the end of the week. Most of the retail store change their prices at the end of the week - usually Sunday's and in many cases prices of the products you buy drop dramatically or drop to a good $20-$50 off the price you paid.