October 20, 2012

Green Mountain Kroger Good Vibes Giveaway

Green Mountain Giveaway

Enter to win the Green Mountain Kroger Good Vibes Giveaway. Green Mountain Coffee is giving away over 5000 instant win prizes including: a $10 Kroger Gift Card, a coffee mug, a key chain, or an iTunes Gift Card which is good for one song download. 

In order to qualify for this great giveaway you must "Like" Green Mountain Coffee on Facebook and then fill out the form and enter your good vibes code. In order to get a good vibes code you must make a purchase at your Local Kroger Grocery Store of at least $10 of Green Mountain Coffee or you can just use the free code - RCWJCK7K4GJN.

The giveaway ends - November 13, 2012 so be sure to keep an eye on your email for the winner.

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