August 31, 2012

Free 1-year Weather Underground Member!

Get a Free 1-year Weather Underground Membership! All you have to do is sign up and use the Code: NEH55. With this membership you will be able to get Longer Radar Animations - Radar animations up to 40 frames in length (that's a 4 hour animation)! Ad-Free Weather - They will remove all the ads from their site offering you cleaner, faster site access. No banners, no sponsor links, and this works for all pages including Favorites, Radar, and Severe Weather. You can then use your account from any location, disabling ads from your home, workplace, or other computers you use. Ad-Free U.S. Forecasts & Alerts Through E-Mail - Their new email forecast and alert service is included with every membership. As a member, you select cities where you want weather updates, and we'll send you alerts immediately after they are issued by the National Weather Service. Forecasts are reformatted for text, or html devices, and can be sent whenever you choose as a paid member.

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