November 22, 2012

Gnip Gnop from Amazon - $14.99

Deals from Amazon
Get the Gnip Gnop from Amazon. Normally this game costs $17.99, but today it is only $14.99, but you will have to pay shipping cost of $5.99. This retro tabletop game, reincarnated from the early 1970s, is making a comeback to a new generation. A sort of table tennis with a twist, Gnip Gnop has a plastic court that is a bit flimsy but requires much less room than a ping-pong table. The rules of play are simple: Each player starts with six balls. Players must smash the three buttons in front of them to launch balls through the three hoops onto the other side of the court. The object of the game is to get all six balls on the opponent’s court. The button smashing is a great way to get out frustrations at the end of a hectic day. Beyond that, there’s little more to the game and, it’s uncertain whether this classic can compete with the video game offerings of the new millennium. It’s possible that this may appeal more to 70s-era parents who are nostalgic for reminders of their youth.

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