November 8, 2012

Official Walmart Black Friday 2012 Ad Leaked

Walmart Black Friday 2012 Ad

Well Black Friday is coming up and some major retailers have already had their Black Friday ads leaked, but today another major retailer became a victim of the unstoppable internet shoppers who try to save some bucks around the holidays. as leaked out the Walmart Black Friday Ad. There are some great deals that you can see in the ad this year starting with 32" televisions that cost as low as $250. Now this may not be the official release and may not be the actual flyer when time comes for you to go out shopping, but keep in mind that almost every year the ads are the same so the odds are very good that some of these deals are actually happening on the day after Thanksgiving. Stay tuned for more ads if you are interested to see more ads from other retailers that currently have their ads leaked, you can click here.

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