September 14, 2012

Law Ends Tax-Free Shopping at Amazon - 9/15

If you have not already heard, California law has ended tax-free shopping for Amazon shoppers.
Starting midnight tonight, Amazon shoppers in California will have to pay sales tax on most items bought through That means you only have hours left to make those purchases you were putting off for! The current rate of state sales tax is of up to 9.75 percent on all online purchases. The reason why Californians will pay sales tax is because up until now, Amazon did not have a physical presence in any state and because a U.S. Supreme Court Ruling, a state could not force a business to charge sales tax if that business did not have a physical presence in the state. Amazon is currently building a giant warehouse in California that will allow them to ship out items a lot quicker than they are currently doing and will bring them a step closer to same day shipping and delivery in the state with the richest population in the U.S.

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