September 1, 2012

FREE Bow Assassin Game for Android Devices

Get a FREE Bow Assassin Game for Android Devices. Regular price of the Bow Assassin game is $0.99, but today it is Free. You must download it from the Amazon Marketplace.

Product Description: Corrupt-O-Corp. has kidnapped your son and it's up to you to save his life. They are holding him ransom for blueprints of a secret government weapon, and they know you were assigned to the project. If they got their hands on the blueprints they could use it to start a war. You have no choice but to face them head-on. Luckily, you have natural hunting skills and know how to use a bow. All you have to do is head towards Corrupt-O-Corp's headquarters and silently take out their goons along the way. If you can make your way through the city and infiltrate their base, you will be able to rescue your son. And when you find the man in charge... he'll know he chose the wrong stickman to mess with!

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