December 6, 2012

Free Amazon App of the Day - Fields of Glory

Get Free Amazon App of the Day - Fields of Glory. All you would have to do is download the application and install it on your device. Make sure that the game is free before downloading because it is only available for free today and you happen to access this page other than today it may not be free.  Usually this application costs $0.99 and overall it looks like a great application. 

The Fields of Glory. It is now your chance to put yourself in the middle of the real tank battle. A choice of tanks, weapons as well as challenges are awaiting you through out the game. The levels start easy, however, don't expect this to last. As you become an experienced tank commander, you will have to find new strategies to destroy your enemy. For each successful mission you'll end up with points and super weapons if you lucky to catch them. Now, put on your tanker gear and go forward for the victory!!

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